_thestray (_thestray) wrote in conchord_fans,

Hiphopopotamus vs Rhymenoceros art

Heyo, new to the group. I'm artist. I did some Flight of the Conchords fanart:
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Deleted comment

Thank youuu.
I agree w/the previous poster that this is absolutely epic.

You win the internet!
I concur!
I appreciate your concurrence.
Oh snap! I won the internet? Does that unlock all the porn sites or what?
This is amazing, and I kind of wish someone had this as a full back tattoo.
Haha, that would make my day. I won't expect to see it on anyone's back anytime soon, but it WILL be on some people's chests, because it's going to be printed as a t-shirt soon. I'll alert you guys when it goes up. Thanks.
My GOD that is AWESOME!!!
I'm not your God, but I do appreciate the sentiment. Thanks!
oh my godddd <3
I'm but a mere mortal, but thanks :)
if i did believe in god though, you'd be right up there with jermaine himself

Deleted comment

Ever? I don't know about all that, but thanks!

Deleted comment