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Flight of the Conchords

It's Business Time!

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All Members , Moderated
This is a community created for fans of the musical comedy duo, Bret McKenzie and Jermaine Clement, aka Flight of the Conchords. We accept all fan related updates, tour schedules, comments on shows, or just pure professing your love of these lads and their unique brand of humor. It's business time, baby! Membership is required to post here and I will screen all members before allowing to post, just to try and cut down on spam. No body wants spam with their comedy, unless it has to do with Monty Python, but that's a different community all together! Hope ya decide to join!

Community Rules:
1. Don't be an asshole.
2. All posts should be FOTC, Bret or Jermaine related.
3. Use a cut when posting more than one (or one very large) image.
4. Posting photos of yourself only applies when it is for meet-up purposes, and please limit post to one photo, behind a cut. A better solution would be directing folks to your own livejournal.
5. Please do not promote your own communities, or any communities that are not specifically FOTC/Bret/Jermaine related. THIS DOES INCLUDE RATING COMMUNITIES. The post will be deleted & you will be asked to leave.

Thanks to Sherry over at http://www.whatthefolk.net to allow us to post her awesome fan site link here for all LJ fans find and enjoy!

Created by cynna66

Maintained and regulated by cynna66 and japanesecowboy

Photographs and .gifs property of Flight of the Conchords and http://www.conchords.co.nz/